The Team

Savoro team welcomes Head Chef Jackson Lopez

Head Chef Jackson has been working in the catering industry for the last 15 years. His previous experience includes the leading 5 stars deluxe hotels in Mumbai , the world’s larger carnival cruise line in United States and some of the best se food restaurant in the UK. With such diverse background and a lot of passion for the industry we are sure that he is the right addition to the team.

Owner Jack Antoni comes from a strong catering heritage. He is a director of the award-winning 'Skipjacks' fish restaurant in Harrow. After studying hospitality he embarked on a worldwide tour with food as the focus. He undertook all kinds of work, from barista in Italy to sushi chef in Japan, from London's five star hotels to crushing grapes in Australia.
He has owned and operated several successful bars and restaurants and has advised on many projects at consultancy level.

General Manager and Partner Dino Paphiti has worked in hospitality for over 30 years. He has owned and managed his own very successful restaurant and played a key role in Savoro's establishment.